DFK for Safe Food Environment offers food safety auditing services and hygiene inspections. As an independent and third party auditor, our role is to give you guidance and make sure we highlight what goes wrong and what goes right. Our audit will help you to ensure compliance with the legal and international requirements and will certainly reduce the risk of food poisoning.

  • Internal audit
  • Hygiene audit
  • HACCP audit
  • Pre-BRC audit
  • Supplier audit

The audit and inspections are undertaken to ensure that your daily operational procedures and practices comply with the local legal hygienic and food safety requirements and with a recognized international standard.

The audit covers the whole process flow on your premises and its duration depends on the size of your premises and the number of staff. After the audit or inspection, a report detailing adequate and inadequate actions or non-compliances in different categories i..e. personnel, structure, temperature, storage, etc.. shall be discussed with the management providing solutions and support.

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