DFK for Safe Food Environment

Does your business belong to any of these categories? Restaurant,
retailer, caterer or food manufacturer? You serve or work with food?
DFK is established to help you in managing food safety risks and instill a food safety culture on your premises.

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Training and staff capacity building on food safety risks, risk analysis and preventive controls, the regulatory and international requirements, the importance of their food safety-related responsibilities, audits, and communication of food safety values are among the essential tools for enhancing compliance and protecting food businesses.

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DFK for Safe Food Environment assists you in developing a quality management system that complies with your customer requirements, national legal obligations, HACCP and other third party standards i.e. BRC.

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DFK offers comprehensive non-compromising solutions for food safety by helping you develop a system that addresses the basic hygienic requirements and control measures which are tailored to your operation to mitigate the risks of food poisoning.

Our Practice Areas

  • Advisory Services

  • Auditing

  • Food Quality Systems

  • Food Safety Assessment

  • Training

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